Four ministries hold press conference on one year performance

Four ministries jointly held a press conference in Nay Pyi Taw on their performance in the first one-year period.
Ministry of Industry
    U Ko Ko Lwin, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry said Good Storage Practice (GSP) in accordance with the norms and standards of the WHO was introduced to pharmaceutical factories of the ministry to manufacture medical products under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and distribute directly to Ministry of Health and Sports and other ministries.
Bogus drugs with BPI trademarks and expired drugs in the markets were investigated, tested and rounded up in September and action taken against the bogus drug makers. In order to prevent production of BPI trademarked bogus drugs and provide a better quality packaging, 69 pills, 1 medical powder, 64 injection vials were produced in new packaging.
    Morphine sulfate syrup and morphine sulfate tablets for cancer patients are undergoing stability test and measures are being taken for producing Tenofovir (300 mg) for HIV and Hepatitis B patients. A new anti-venom production building was opened at the Pharmaceutical Factory (Insein) on 20
May 2016 to increase anti-venom production. Steel hospital equipment and instrument were produced and distributed to Ministry of Health & Sports. Hospital beds embedded with locker and medicine cupboards are test produced
under a pilot scheme.
    In the agricultural sector, the ministry has innovated farm equipment according to the need of farmers and changes have been made in the hydraulic system and clutch of Zwe tractor, powered tillers, harvesters and small rice
mills and sold into the market.
    For private sector industrial development, state-owned factories and mills went into partnership with private sector through inviting local and foreign investments in order to secure technology and capital.
    Altogether, 59 out of 118 factories under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry are now running in public-private partnership. In an attempt to develop financing to small and medium enterprises in Myanmar, 456 business owners were provided with special government loans and 189 business owners were provided with Two Step Loan from Japan. According to the Central Bank of Myanmar Law, repayment period is one year but the repayment period for the special government loan and Japan’s Two Step Loan was set at 5 years for increased circulation of investment.
    Approvals were given to 648 business owners to obtain loan. In 2016 only CB bank practiced Credit Guarantee Insurance (CGI) system but discussion were conducted with KBZ Bank and Small and Medium Industrial Development Bank (SMIDB) who also wanted to practice the CGI system. Discussions are held with Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank to cooperate in development of Myanmar SME.
    Afterward, Union Ministers, Deputy Ministers and officials replied to the questions of the media.
Ministry of Industry
    Regarding the question on the status of anesthetics production in BPI pharmaceuticals, Permanent Secretary U Ko Ko Lwin of the Ministry for Industry replied anesthetics for cancer patients include the production of morphine and codeine with morphine imported and around 6,500 grams of raw drugs for codeine will be supplied by the Ministry of Home Affairs as agreed upon. The latest technology is being used in the production for the two drugs and will be sold locally at an affordable price. Meanwhile, production of Tenofovir (300 mg), used in treating HIV/AIDS and Hepatits B, is being tested in Yangon Pharmaceuticals Factory using technology from India and is in the process of getting an FDA license for commercial distribution. BPI focuses on high quality, safety and effectiveness in its pharmaceutical productions.
    The production status of glass tables incorporating Burmese lacquer ware, kanote drawings and traditional carvings designed by the State Counsellor and is mass-produced in the Kyaukse Glass Factory with the objective of acquiring a market space for Burmese traditional arts while also using high quality glass. In the six months since production 20 tables have been sold with prices ranging from Ks 1 Lakh to Ks 2 Lakh depending on the designs. Further production will be carried out according to market demand. 
Source: Myanmar News Agency, The Global New Light of Myanmar

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